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Nina Rehfeld


​​was born in Berlin, Germany in 1968 and was raised bilingually at German-American John-F.-Kennedy School in Berlin.

She worked as a karate teacher and graphic designer before she received her M.A. in communications and sociology at Freie Universität Berlin. She went on to learn the craft of journalism at the newsdesk of a major daily newspaper in Berlin from 1997-2000.

Nina co-founded KulturBotschaft in Berlin, a freelance agency for arts and culture reporting. In 2003 she travelled throughout New Zealand, and in 2004 relocated to the US, where she founded TXTURE, a writing and photography office. She reports from around the US on media, culture and travel for FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE, SPIEGEL ONLINE, NEUE ZUERCHER ZEITUNG, GLAMOUR MAGAZINE, FRAME and others.

She also works as a photographer, tour guide, and book editor.

She currently resides in Arizona.

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